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Feb 19, 2019. the company reported its Phase 3 REGENERATE study of obleticholic acid patients with NASH-related liver fibrosis met its primary endpoint.

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The trial is evaluating Intercept's obeticholic acid, or OCA, in patients with liver fibrosis due to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH. The new data. Read More.

Show more Loading articles. 'Market. Obeticholic acid, or OCA, is an agonist of the farnesoid X receptor. OCA was approved as Ocaliva.

05.05.2016  · Novel chemical conjugates derived from unsaturated fatty acids and therapeutically active agents, are disclosed. The chemical conjugates are designed and characterized as COX-2 and/or 5-LOX inhibitors and are useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, dermatitis and disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease.

FIG. 14 shows the representative immunolocalization of TGF-β expression in the colon tissues of mice on day four after the administration of DNBS. FIG. 15 shows the representative immunolocalization of CD25 expression in the colon tissues of mice on day four after the administration of DNBS.

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Zitnik Marinka, Nguyen Francis, Wang Bo, Leskovec Jure, Goldenberg Anna, Hoffman Michael M 2019.

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Feb 19, 2019. 25 Stocks Moving In Tuesday's Pre-Market Session. study of obeticholic acid patients with NASH-related liver fibrosis met primary endpoint. Walmart Inc ( NYSE: WMT) rose 3.5 percent to $103.45 in pre-market trading after. to Facebook Share to Email App More AddThis Share options. Hide. Show.

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