Ermahgerd Gerd Meaning

. and objects play on the iconographic meaning of one the globe's fundamental systems: money.. Ermahgerd! ms-06.12.13. The Gerd Arntz web archive.

Using Humor to "Sell" Good Life Choices – CU Scholar – University of. – Jan 1, 2016. There is some ambiguity in the meaning of the word humor because. ERMAHGERD girl to make the point that social smoking is a rabbit hole to. Schwarz, Norbert, Herbert Bless, and Gerd Bohner (1991b), "Mood and.

Horrible, wonderful taxidermy. Someone up there likes me. And. – Jan 13, 2014. I think Jess has hit it on the nose with Erma Gerd for the deer's name.. You could sing “She has Bette Derpis Eyes” in ermahgerd, although I suppose that would. There's no reason or meaning behind it, but it's the name I.

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Sep 28, 2012. (Personalities, by definition, are of the world.). BLUF: 4 parts to this essay: an expansion of the definition of fantasy as it relates to the transcendent, what does transcendent mean in. Ermahgerd, Profernity!. Erma Gerd.

. for a sad person. Ermahgerd it's Orber Gorpen. Cuteness by definition.. ER MAH GERD SO MUCH COCAINE qBQqN.

Aug 15, 2015. What does “ermahgerd” mean? Computer internet censorship. 1. An Internet parody of Emma Stone. 2. An Internet celebrity, Erma Gerd. 3.

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naturally led to summarizing meanings in fewer words so as to reduce the. gerd: 'gerd' is a short version of the stupidity expression. 'ermahgerd!'

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