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Wall map of Communist East Germany in the conference room where the heads of the GDR secret police met with district administrators, an exhibit in ‘Haus 1’ the ministerial headquarters of the Stasi secret police in Communist East Germany, the GDR.

Sportgemeinschaft Dynamo Dresden e.V., commonly known as SG Dynamo Dresden or Dynamo Dresden, is a German football club in Dresden, Saxony. It was founded on 12 April 1953, as a club affiliated with the East German police, and became one of the most popular and successful clubs in East German football, winning eight league titles. After the.

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dangvukinhquoc – Google Sites – Jens Gieseke, Mielke-Konzern: Die Geschichte der Stasi 1945-1990 (Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlags- Anstalt, 2001), p.113. 3. Vojtech Mastny talks of a failure of the MfS, even suggesting a.

Jens Gieseke, Mielke-Konzern: Die Geschichte der Stasi 1945-1990 (Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlags- Anstalt, 2001), p.113. 3. Vojtech Mastny talks of a failure of the MfS, even suggesting a.

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Stasi victims and citizens who had been under surveillance were allowed to examine their Stasi files. Within four years of reunification, about 860,000 persons had asked to inspect their case files, with 17,626 of those requests being received in December 1994 alone. By 1997, 3.4 million people had asked to see their files. Countless civil suits were launched when victims found the names of those.

Nov 23, 1989. 4.1 The case of doping; 4.2 The Stasi and Erich Mielke. Sportvereinigung Dynamo District – Organisation Cottbus, Sportvereinigung Dynamo. Gerd Weber, Klaus Müller (all three at Dynamo Dresden) when the Stasi had a.

Stasi Files Shed Light on Putin’s KGB Past |. – Johannes Legner, former spokesman for the agency overseeing the Stasi files, said the spy ring collapsed after one of the recruits from the Stasi went over to West German counterintelligence, the BND. Soon after, in 1990, Putin quietly returned home. Within a decade he was in the Kremlin.

18.02.2012  · This is an address of Erich Mielke , head of East Germany’s Stasi from 1957 – 1989, to his cadre. The means of choice was a so – called ‘unexpected potshot into the backhead’.

Jens Gieseke, who works as a historian in the so-called Stasi Archives, a federal institution who preserves the records of the East German State Security and makes them accessible, analyses the Stasi as a part of state and society in the former German Democratic Republic. The book has eight chapters, five of them concen.

23 Oct 2015. “¡La Stasi siempre vaa / para las canchas con el Dynamo / vamos a. El equipo era la ñaña de Mielke (de hecho él era el Presidente), y con el. En esta foto del Energie Cottbus de 1975 tiene que haber, sí o sí, al menos un sapo. Como el de Gerd Weber, volante del Dynamo Dresde que en 1980 fue.

Another major player in Pagan’s Berlin adventure: Erich Mielke – Between 1957 and 1989, Mielke was the head of the East German secret police, or Stasi. According to historian John Koehler, Mielke built the Stasi, "into an instrument for the ruthless oppression of East Germany’s population as well as into one of the world’s most effective.

Four former Stasi agents are charged with helping the 10 former Red Army Faction members escape from West Germany in the 1980s, acquire new identities and build new lives in East Germany.

captain Gerd Wiesler Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter (IM) ‘inofficial informant’ of the Stasi: unpaid everyday person whose task it was to spy and report on the people in their life and to try and influence them to tow the party line

— Stasi boss Erich Mielke, Ministry head from November 1957 to November 1989 Advertisement: The Lives of Others ( Das Leben der Anderen ) is an award-winning German film from 2006.

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