Gerd-peter Nimtz

Feb 17, 2017. In this award-winning documentary, producer and director Peter Miller uses an. Gerd-Rainer Horn. University of. August H. Nimtz.

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The Collateral Prisoner: A Bundist Holocaust Survivor between Nazi. – 152 • Gerd Koenen: Was war der Kommunismus?, Göttingen, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2010. 2010/4, Dezember: Manfred Mugrauer: Ernst Busch in Wien • Peter Goller: Lenin:. Nimtz, August H.: Marx and Engels's Electoral Strategy.

Prof. Dr. Hans Rott – Universität Regensburg –. Europäische Hochschulschriften Bd. XX/290, Verlag Peter Lang, Frankfurt a.M., Gerd Brewka und Cees Witteveen, Amsterdam: ILLC Scientific Publications. Roland Bluhm und Christian Nimtz, e-Book, Paderborn: Mentis, S. 356–369.

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DIE MACHT DER GEWOHNHEIT: Peter Luppa, Joachim Nimtz; Foto: Monika Rittershaus Opera · OperaOpera. Ilse Ritter, Kirsten Dene, Gerd Voss. (v.l.n.r.) Ort:.

Sep 14, 2016. Man-Rong Li, Emma McCabe, Peter Stephens, Mark Croft, Liam Collins, H. Aichmann, G. Nimtz, P. Bruney; On the Voltage Standing Wave Ratio of. Thomas Lorenz, Claudia Felser, Anja-Verena Mudring, Gerd Meyer;.

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