Gerd Schweinlin

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BAUREN, A. Catharina: Marr: 1721: Wuer: Neck: Plochi: Joh. Michael EITEL: BAUREN, Adelheit: Marr: 1705: Preu: West: Herfor: Bernhard SIRP: BAUREN, Agatha: Marr: 1651.

The formation of atherosclerosis is recognized to be caused by multiple factors including pathogenesis in monocytes during inflammation. The current study provided evidence that monocytic junctions were significantly altered in patients with atherosclerosis, which suggested an association between cell junctions and atherosclerosis.

1: Winter M, Costabile JD, Abosch A, Thompson JA. Method for localizing intraoperative recordings from deep brain stimulation surgery using post-operative structural MRI.

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A multifunctional, stretchable smart coating is fabricated by spray‐coating multiwalled carbon nanotubes dispersed in a thermoplastic elastomer solution, followed by treatment with ethanol.

Matthias Schweinlin, Maria Steinke, Florian Groeber, Roy Gross, Christian Reuter, Katharina Seidensticker, Leon Schulte, Marco Metzger, Markus Engstler and Heike Walles Oral 185

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