Indigestion And Back Pain Nhs

Indigestion and heartburn in pregnancy. Indigestion, also called heartburn or acid reflux, is common in pregnancy. It can be caused by hormonal changes.

Expert reviewer, Peter Liu, Pharmacist Next review due March 2020. Indigestion medicines can be used to relieve pain or discomfort in your upper abdomen (tummy) or chest that may occur soon after meals.

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Indigestion can be pain or discomfort in your upper abdomen (dyspepsia) or burning pain behind the breastbone (heartburn). Dyspepsia and heartburn may occur together or on their own.

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Right side abdominal pain can describe any kind of sharp, dull, aching, or painful feeling in the area between the top of your pelvis to your lower chest.

Most chest pain isn’t a sign of anything serious but you should get medical advice just in case. Get immediate medical help if you think you’re having a heart attack.

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NHS England has launched a public consultation on reducing prescribing of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines for minor, short-term health concerns which could save the NHS £136 million a year and encourage more people to self care. A list of 33 minor health concerns has been identified by a national

We look at a number of different causes of pain, ranging in severity, in the lower right abdomen. We also examine when treatment is required.

The most common symptom of a stomach ulcer is a burning or gnawing pain that develops in your abdomen (tummy). However, some stomach ulcers aren’t painful and are only noticed when a complication develops, such as bleeding from the ulcer.

Find out about indigestion, a common problem that causes pain or discomfort in your upper abdomen (dyspepsia) or behind your breastbone (heartburn).

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Ibs Indigestion People with IBS frequently suffer from headaches, and backache, urinary symptoms, tiredness. Indigestion (dyspepsia) is a condition of impaired digestion. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common, long-term condition of

Dyspepsia or indigestion is not a disease; it is a group of symptoms that cause pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen. Dyspepsia is caused by overeating, particularly spicy and fatty foods.